Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Teina Team Practise E I A I E...

The Junior Kapa Haka team (Teina Team) worked hard to get their mouths around some new words today in our song "E I A I E, Ngā Iwi E".  This is a beautiful (and catchy!) song about people uniting together.  The full lyrics to the song follow after the clip.

I wonder if any Teina Team members can spot themselves in this video?

E I A I E...Ngā Iwi E LYRICS

E I A I E x2

Nga iwi e x2

Ki a kotahi ra

Te moana nui a kiwa

E I A I A x2

Kia mau ra x2

Ki te mana motuhakeme te aroha

E I A E I x3

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Video of Wakari School's Polyfest Performance...and what's happening in Term 4?

This is the official video taken of our Wakari School performance by the team at the Māori and Pacific Island Festival.  Enjoy!

Over Term 4 the Kapa Haka students will be split into six smaller groups and will be experiencing some different things relating to the Māori performing arts - such as rākau (small sticks), mau rākau (long sticks), haka, as well as exploring some Māori legends, art and language.  We think that it will be a fantastic term!  Ka mau te wehi! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Well Done to our Wonderful Kapa Haka Students!

Yesterday our Kapa Haka group, Tikanga Wakari, did a fabulous job at Polyfest!  We just loved performing to such a HUGE audience!

The link below is a link to the entire recording of the Thursday afternoon's performances.  Our Wakari Performers come on at 3:31.  The camera does a great job of panning around everyone's faces - have a look to see if you can see yourself!

A video of our students performing 'Ōtākou E' at Polyfest - recorded by one of our teachers in the audience.

A video of our students performing their Sasa at Polyfest - enjoy!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Tomorrow our wonderful Kapa Haka group will be performing at the Otago Pacific Island and Māori Festival (Polyfest).

Our performance time is around 1pm (timing is VERY approximate - as the festival could be running early or late).  There is a link to a live stream of the Polyfest performances:

Please note that this link does not work very well on all devices.  We will endeavor to get our own video on this blog as soon as possible, so we can share our wonderful work with you all!

For those of you who can come along to the Edgar Centre tomorrow to watch and support us - we can't wait to see you there tomorrow!

Our Amazing Kapa Haka Group Perform for Wakari Kindy!

Yesterday our wonderful Kapa Haka group performed for the whole school, as well as the Wakari Kindy students.  Our Kapa Haka group did an AMAZING job - tu meke!

Have a look at the clips below to see two of their songs!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Our Polyfest Performance Date for 2016

We have received the performance timetable from the orgainisers at the Otago Māori and Pacific Island Festival.  Our Wakari Kapa Haka group will be performing on Thursday 15th September, in the 12.30 - 1.30pm bracket.  We are in the middle of this bracket, but the festival may be running early or running late, so the orgainisers advice parents, family and friends who would like to attend to try and come early if they can so they don't miss out.  You will be able to watch all the other fabulous Dunedin schools performing that day too!

We really hope you will be able to come along and support us!  10 Sleeps to go!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

E Minaka Ana Practice....

Today we had a great session ironing out the moves and words to E Minaka Ana, the talented Kapa Haka team could do the song and moves without anyone up the front to lead, or any words up!! Tū meke koutou! (Awesome!)