Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Sasa is taking shape!

At our last Kapa Haka session we really worked hard at our Sasa, we focused on getting our timing accurate - click on the clip below to see how well we are doing!

It was also our Animal Day, so that is why many of us are dressed as adorable animals!! (Some of our senior team children are part of the 'Caring for Animals Group' and wanted to raise money for the SPCA by having a fundraising day with children dressing up - see the latest newsletter for details on how they did!)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Juniors bonus Sasa session with Paul!

Today the Junior Syndicate had a bonus Sasa session with Paul.  For many of the Junior team, this is the first Sasa they have ever learned.  Watch the clip below to see how great their timing is.  Super work Junior team!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sasa Sneak Preview!

On Friday at lunchtime two of our senior team - Lara and Aliyah, practised some of the new elements for our Sasa.  Click on the video below to have a look!

E Ha Ka Ma Practice

Every Kapa Haka session the Tikanga Wakari group get their tongues ready for singing in different languages, and warm up their vocal chords with E Ha Ka Ma.  We have two fabulous senior team leaders Alyssa and Kate, who lead this song for us.  This is a clip of the team singing E Ha Ka Ma, enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2016

E Minaka Ana

The enthusiastic Kapa Haka team have been learning a new song called "E Minaka Ana".  It is a waiata ā-ringa (action song), and has a very catchy tune!  Yesterday was our first time to practise all the moves in the song, (before yesterday we had only looked at the moves to the first section).  Have a look at how amazing the team did for their very first time!  

Sasa Practice!

Paul Tupai has been teaching us a new Sasa for 2016, and we have been working hard to learn the moves!  Yesterday John (JJ) and Mariah helped us practise one part of the Sasa which many of us are finding tricky!  JJ and Mariah slowed the moves down to make it easier for us to practise,  have a look at the video and practise your moves!
Remember, we always start our actions to the left :)