Friday, July 29, 2016

Ōtākou E Practice

At our Kapa Haka session yesterday, we worked on our new song "Ōtākou E" (Otago).  We have four senior girls who are our callers for this song.  Our callers and Miss Robinson helped us start to learn this song, we did pretty well for our first time with this song!  Click on the two clips below to check out our progress!

If you would like to sing along, keep scrolling down because the words to the song are just below the two clips! Kia kaha koutou! 

(Leader) tākou e!!
(All) Te karanga e te iwi e
Kua eke mai nei
Kua eke mai nei ki runga te marae e

Mauria mai ra
Mauria mai ra e ngā mate o te motu e
Me nga tini roimata
Me ngā tini roimata e maringi whanui e

(Tāne) Titiro e ngā iwi
Titiro e ngā iwi e ngā mahi o te motu
E hora atu nei e

(Tāne) Rū ana te whenua
Rū ana te whenua, whatiwhati te moana

Aue te aroha
Aue te aroha te mamae i au e.

(Tāne) Rū ana te whenua whatiwhati

English Translation:
Our tribe is calling to the people
who have just set foot on this marae

Bring with you memories of all our dead
and so many tears spilling forth nation-wide

Look at our people working across the land
spread out far and wide

The ground is shaking, the sea is quivering

Oh, the love and pain within me
The ground shake and quivers, yeah!

Monday, July 11, 2016

E Minaka Ana Moves!

Some of our Tikanga Wakari students stayed back after our Kapa Haka session last Friday to demonstrate the moves on camera for the rest of our group to practise during the holidays if they get the chance.  Ka rawe tōu mahi koutou! (Great work!)

The total Sasa!

On Friday the Tikanga Wakari team practised the our Sasa all the way through, they did really well!  Have a look at this link to see their wonderful work (and perhaps to practise your moves!)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Introducing a new song....Ōtākou E!

Last Friday at our Kapa Haka session, Miss Robinson and a group of senior girls introduced a new song to us, called Ōtākou E. (Sometimes also called Te iwi e).

The girls and Miss Robinson have recorded the song, so that the whole Kapa Haka group can listen to it and start to learn the words and the tune of the song.  Click on the link below to  hear their beautiful singing!

Ōtākou E